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New Year, New Mindset: A Promise

For 2023 I set out a whole bunch of goals for myself, as anyone would for a new year. I decided to quit playing around and focus on my self-care by exercising more, drinking more water, making better food choices and just healing to better myself FOR myself, my friends, my family but more importantly my spirit. I've started my path into spirituality, with Tarot and with egg cleansings, with oils, sage, Palo Santo, copal and things of that nature. So this year I'm diving more into it and really opening myself up to what the universe has for me. I'm always seeing synchronicities, angel numbers, getting little chills whenever I get a feeling that something/someone is for me or not, or the random anxiety or the gut punch of intuition I get when I feel something/someone is not quite right, feeling the energy of the room and having to be more observant for numerous reasons, not to mention the crazy dreams I have every now and then. It's always been something I knew I had but honing in on my own gifts is definitely the power move I'm going to make for 2023.

Another thing I told myself I was going to work on was getting back to my blog. I know I have seemed to have went M.I.A. on everyone and I apologize to those who looked forward to reading my posts. I think I bit off more than I thought I could chew in the moment and when it overwhelmed me I abandoned ship and instead of being the Rose in the story, I let myself be the Jack and sacrificed my own well being, froze up and sunk to the bottom.

2022 was a whirlwind of things as I'm sure it was for many, an emotional rollercoaster for me as I decided to begin the process of healing and taking accountability for the self sabotaging I do and for the general sabotaging I do when I'm not in the right mindset. When I say healing, I mean it in a spiritual sense of course. I had to make a lot of realizations and though I still fight myself on these realizations I have to come to grips with it or it will always be a trigger that will take me back instead of forward. Healing myself from past traumas, past upsets, the past in general and trying to break toxic cycles that I instilled in myself out of bad habits and negative thinking and trying to break free from generational curses and patterns that were instilled unto me growing up and just learning when it is time to let things go, whether it's a person, a memory/memories that still trigger me, moments in my life where I feel like I failed, just let it all go and stop blocking my own blessings.

Early 2022 I had decided to take care of myself and start exercising. It was tough at first, it took me two beachbody programs to get in the habit of getting my ass up and working out. After that I began to see the benefits more and more and I made it a priority. I am proud to say that I completed FIVE beachbody programs in 2022, definitely a win for me as I would usually complete one program and then go right back into my old bad habits. I stuck to my goals though and am happy to say that my wanting to be fit in 2023 is not just a resolution that I will give up on as the excitement of the new year dies down. No, 2022 trained my brain to stick to my goals, feel my emotions and really just try to heal for the betterment of myself, to fill my own cup; you can't fill other cups from an empty cup. So I channeled my inner Jessie Reyez (If you don't know her, that should be a resolution for you for 2023, "Check out Jessie Reyez' music." You can thank me later.) So I said fuck it! Imma do me unapologetically. Which as an introvert, it's really just minding my own business, keeping my circle small, and only giving social media, like Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, about 25% of what goes on in my life, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depending on what kind of hermit I'm trying to be that day.

Listen, healing is definitely not a one and done thing, it's an everyday process. One day I'll feel good about growing through what I'm going through and the next day I'm crying because I let myself fall into toxic pits in the past, some of which were my own doing and some I didn't deserve. So I need time to figure out what thoughts are mine, what thoughts of mine are influenced by the people in my life and what thoughts of mine stem from social media. Healing IS NOT for the weak. I mean it is because you get mentally and emotionally stronger, but it is not easy.

Don't let people play with your heart, your mind, your money, your time or your energy. Energy vampires are real y'all!

Healing is an everyday process. I'm still learning and still going to fuck up every now and then, of course, I just have to ride the waves and take it how it flows. And know that It's okay to disappear until you are you again. Ya know?

Anywho, aside from exercising and getting right with inner me, I told myself that I want to read more. I even have my co-workers in on reading more. We work at a library we have no excuses! lol. Now, every new year I always set a goal to read 30 books within the year and in the past I have not been able to accomplish this. This year I am setting the same goal to read 30 books and to hold myself accountable I will be reviewing the books I read on this blog. So, killing two birds with one stone. I get to write more for this blog, that I need to pay more attention to and I get to read more! I'm also hoping that reading these books will spark inspiration and allow me to write some original pieces for you guys to read as well. Please hold me accountable if you see me slacking in this area! Message me something like, "UH HELLO! Where are your reviews??! Where are your new pieces?! GET. IT. TA.GETHA!" Haha! I do feel like 2022 prepped me to stick to my goals but ya know setbacks happen. It's all about the comeback!

So without further ado, please allow me to RE-introduce myself, as I should.

Hello there everyone! I am Desi, the writer and creator of If Anything, I Wrote It Down... and I am ready to enlighten your world with my writing again!

Cheers to making 2023 a great year!

Also, share some of your resolutions with me! Let's hold each other accountable!

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