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Grand Finales: A Vignette

Happy 4th Of July All!

She wasn't very fascinated with fireworks when she was a teenager. Were they pretty cool? Yea of course, but while she was trying to find herself and figure out who she was, she questioned everything and often found herself people watching during firework shows. Watching the "oohs" and "ahhs" and the looks on peoples faces during the "grand finales". Not really understanding how they could be so hypnotized by it all. After a while she kind of just went with the flow on the 4th of July... forcing fascination and astonishment. But really it was all just lights and noise for her.

But that year that they spoke on July 4th, she had given him a cheesy ass line telling him to think of her while watching the fireworks. The thought of telling him that reminded her to look at the fireworks as she drove passed streets lit up with bottles rockets, m80's, and morning glories and those huge ones that looked like weeping willows in the sky. She watched them and thought about him, about giving him that cheesy line and something changed. She watched as people "oooh'd" and "ahhhh'd" and looked up in the sky pointing out the pretty ones and she felt it. It was like she was a kid again fascinated with all the colors and lights. That feeling of possibly falling in love with him all over again pulled at her heart strings with every fizzle and pop. She thought about him thinking of her in that moment with hopes that the universe would see that and let gravity somehow pull him to her or her to him. She envisioned what it would be like sitting next to him as they looked up to the sky watching the show. His arm around her, her head resting on his shoulders, their drinks of choice in their hands and wanting nothing more than to kiss underneath it all. She pictured them doing the cliché things with each other. Something about the way she pictured how they would be in an relationship made her become this hopeless romantic. She didn't even know for sure how romantic a person he could be... they never really got that far. But it didn't matter to her in those moments. She loved daydreaming of the "could be's" even though coming back to reality wasn't all that it could be.

Each ball of colorful chemistry that exploded in the air reminded her of every moment spent with him. Every spark representing the feeling her heart gets when she sees him or even gets a message or a call from him. They really are spectacular, these fireworks. Not in the way people "ooh" and "ahhh" at them during grand finales but because they reminded her of him. They reminded her of... them. The way fire ignites it and sparks fly almost immediately creating this scene that lasts for a quick minute but in that quick minute all that is wrong with the world is forgotten. All the "what if's" turn into "could be's" and all the "maybe's" turn into "possibilities." That's what happens when she's with him. Sparks fly, the world around them no longer exists. She'd change the world for him if she could.

Maybe one day they'll have their grand finale that people can "ooh" and "ahhh" about. She opened her phone and immediately text him.

"You light up my life like the 4th of July..." another cheesy line she thought to herself smiling. "Meet me at our spot?"

To which he replied within seconds, "I was JUST thinking about you sweetness. I'll meet you there in 30 minutes."

She closed her eyes and smiled, biting her bottom lip. The last of the fireworks exploding in the sky.

He will always be that fire that ignites her.

They are each others flames.

They are the grand finale.

This is an original piece of fiction written by Desiree Gaitan. The stories belong to her. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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